Sunday, June 28, 2009

past/passed lives

this week i confirmed my belief in the soul, the brain, the paranormal and the presence of someone. i got a lot of other things confirmed too. i guess that makes this week a good week, even though i'm coughing my lungs out.

for everyone asking: no, i don't have a job. i haven't heard about any job offers. i'm not really looking for a job. i have no interest in working this summer.
i freelance. i do okay. i manage. for the first time ever i don't know what will happen next. it's so uncertain, but a certain fact. it actually keeps me calm. the possibilities are endless, and i'm not looking into any of them at the moment.
i am writing, playing, drinking, fucking, living, kissing, listening, sleeping, coughing, and spending time with those who matter. it's not a bad life, this hippie life. i do okay. i manage.

i don't want this life to pass me by, i just won't let it. working 9 to 5 isn't my thing. starting a family, having children, cats, dogs and picket fences isn't my thing. this is. this is my thing. i do okay. i manage. i love.

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