Thursday, June 14, 2007

fog over the river and a hairy beast

helsinki and borgÄ were, once again, memorable. twisting and turning reality, but living, nonetheless. but it would be easier if everything was okay, if they were, if i was. but there's a time for everything, and this time it was musicians and late-night-taxi-rides.

this tuesday was also memorable. i was fighting the good girl in me and decided to let loose once more before my job starts (that's tomorrow). i went to a party arranged for the applicants to our school. i drank and i talked and i met up with beautiful people like T and K. i was laughed at, and with. i was hired, and we shook hands. i touched favourite hair, and non-hair.
quite early me and the T&K-combination made our way to T's. it was time for more drinking, more talking and a movie. 'round 3am K was falling asleep and i had to get him to a bed. mine was the widest. we stumbled through the little town, with fog over the river. we had no shoes, no barriers, and i had the beautifully haired friend next to me. i knew it'd be worth the hangover.

we slept, some more than others. snoaring is charming and all, but i could have made it without it. but i'm all smiles. a few hours later we stumbled to school. no shoes, but the barrier of being tired and sober. still i was inspired. i had found a friend. and that is how i go on. with life, and writing about it.