Sunday, July 26, 2009

pink floyd

i saw them last night. well, sort of. other cover bands should watch out because last night's show was incredibly tight and felt incredibly short for a two hour set!

it was just like the parties i've blogged about before. the same group of hippies hugging and dancing while singing pink floyd. the only difference was the fact that K was on stage and we were surrounded by a bunch of Finnish people. And Leo of course.


Friday, July 10, 2009


So there was THE GREAT BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION this week. Me and a friend celebrated our joint 45th birthday together with those hippie pranksters from hell. Gladly (or sadly) there are no pictures from later that evening when the nudist club had their (our) first meeting. No miskey-whilkshakes or DIREKTĂ–RER made the spotlight. GLADLY.

We started out at 3pm or so. By 8pm I think I got married. A whole bunch of us actually. Las Vegas-wedding? Yes, please. By 11 we were playing Truth or Dare. Too much was said and done, but we won't mind. Sometime around midnight we made it to the sauna and to the water. By 2am I think we finally ate dinner. What happened after that is mostly a beautiful blur. By 6am we hit our beds with Gilmour on the stereo.

Birthday people. Recently married.

Cutting the cake.

Hippie braids. Of course.

Lovable Harju with braid.

Yes, I managed to take a nice photo late at night.

But this is sort of how the night ended.
The rest is censored.

Thank you, hippies. I love you lots.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

that's not okay.
that's not fair.
it's not anywhere near okay or fair.

damn it.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


i said everything i wanted to say in those lines. i realize that not everyone get my words, their meaning, their order and what's said between the lines. i'm glad that's the case. they're not for everyone's ears, so to speak. but i said those things for someone to get it. i do expect a response. maybe i shouldn't. maybe i shouldn't say those things, spill the beans in the manner i tend to. maybe i shouldn't put secrets in lyrics - just in case someone actually got the point. someone who shouldn't have. then again - i live for the way i strip my soul. in my head my thoughts do no good. in my head the things i want to tell people do no good. the people should hear those things. honesty.

i said everything i wanted to say in those lines. spread out over a couple of songs and blogs. but it's all there. did he get it? like, really get it?

do i want him to?