Monday, April 30, 2007

late sunday nights

i got a '77 minolta camera in my hand yesterday and rushed off to meet ulrika and try it out. we went crazy in the windy present with flashes and poses. at one point we laughed so hard i had to stop the car when i couldn't see anything because of all the tears. it had to do with latters and my stupidity. we will surely live a lot longer after that moment.

i hope the photos will turn out alright. it was a night worth saving. no matter if i get it in hard copy or not. i stumbled home sometime past midnight. i put on some wentus blues band and when i couldn't sleep because of nightmares i recited letters i'll never write.


p.s. as you can see some pics turned out beautifully.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

filming - check!

now the filming is done and it's time for me to take over. in my solitude i will edit, color correct and bring out the essence of christian. i hope i will succeed.

the pic is of christoffer, my amazing photographer, and christian, the heart of the documentary.

Friday, April 13, 2007


my guests in order from left to right and down: alexandra, sonia, vijay, besfort (the birthday kid, turning 21!) and tommi. we ate cake and talked about sex. that's normal for a kid's b-day party, right!? :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


for some reason i've never really liked sweden. at least not when i was younger. i guess i didn't see what others saw, i don't to this day. but lately i've found music that has turned me over, i've found futures that could turn me over even more. a fall with notes and cables. for a while, with b & t maybe, later on. and now i'm off to sweden for this easter-weekend. my family and my gradma' are visiting my uncle in kristianstad - and i can't wait. for real. just getting away, getting a chance to breathe. i'm gonna love every second of it. but imma miss u, both of u.

when i get back. //a.

p.s. i'm now writing on sonja bishop's new album and though it's not my style, or my own little creation i feel inspired. this is what i'll do for a living someday, in some form. and i'm loving it.