Friday, March 23, 2012

"As if you could kill time without injuring eternity."

I spent almost two weeks in Denmark. Partly to work, looking for gigs and contacts, with reggae and blues in mind. Partly to see something new, re-remember how many of us walk this earth, figuring out what I was and who I will be. Mostly who I am.

Thoughts are still stirring, and things are falling into place, as I've landed back where I started from, and to an equally new place called home. But I will keep it short, everything I've realized will find its' way into anything I do. You'll get it.

I started from my home, and spent a night in Helsinki with fellow dreadheads. I left for Copenhagen early Friday morning March 2nd in a snowstorm. Landing right in the first days of spring. I spent most of my days in Christiania, but I lack photos, being rich in experiences.

Scott "Dr. Space" Heller from Oresund Space Collective and his daughter Clotho hosted me for my first couple of nights. Lots of music, and vinyl cover painting.

West, Space & Love is the new record, a few of them with my handpainted covers. Order one for yourself at!

Rat friend at Kristian Nielsen's. Visit and you'll know what he's all about!

Rub A' Dub Sundays at Stengade. Earl Sixteen had dreadheads bouncing.

Damien Jurado, with Brad on percussion here, and Kyle on electric guitar, as well as the rest of the band made quite the impression. The talks I had with the guys before the gig were inspiring, and the gig was awesome. Loppen offered the right setting, but the band really gave us everything else. And I don't want to be a fool like the journalist who "turns what she's seeing into business...". :)

Ã…rhus with Mats was my vacation on my vacation. It was all flowers and rainbows and a home away from home.

Like I said, in short. I won't kill time.