Saturday, October 25, 2008

"feedback whore"

another genius expression by me and m from late last night. i don't know when my life became fucked up in a good way. i don't know when i became so aware of my patterns and personality. i don't know when i decided to cave in and refuse to change those patterns, to change my personality. but i'll run with it for as long as i can, run while taking baby steps towards some sort of sanity. oh but don't i love insanity?!

let me share a lyric that got to me on a long ride home from another home:

the fight song - ane brun

I'm gonna fight
this fight
and try to get out of here
and I'm going in with my life
to make sure that you'll disappear

and I will mount you
press my knees on both sides
and you will let me
let me ride

and if you don't then I won't
leave you galloping in my national park
I'll track you down
'cause I know
every corner of this countryside

and I will mount you
press my knees on both sides
and you will let me
let me ride

I'll pull your mane
as hard as I can
stick my fingers in your mouth with my cramped-up hand
until you stop
then I'll try to get off
still I'm hanging in your body parts

even though you are ten Goliats
I'll hold, I'll hold at least your head
and as I rest on my wounded left
I'll kick you randomly in the chest
and I'll show you how ribs can capture air
and leave unbearable pressure

and when you're down
I'll lay beside you
I'll catch the remaining glimmer in your eyes
and then later I'll ask you
as my last and final rescue

now you know
tell me why
and then I'll let you
I'll let you ride

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"i miss the ground in ecstacy"

my happiness is no longer bound to one or two. i see the bigger picture, i know what road i'm on. i love that life's not a destination, but a journey. one i'll be on with you, all of you, for years to come. i plan ahead while living here and now, i'm not doing one thing i don't feel like.

i have a pattern which is more than just bad for me. but i'm working inside and out to make me right. i know what road i'm on. it's beautiful as hell.

thanks hanna for an awesome shoot:

Saturday, October 04, 2008

tequila mama

lafo's first gig this year was held at corner's pub october 1st.
i was there. at least when i wasn't out in my car drinking with punkrockers and drummers and producers and other cool people. everybody rocked, at least as far as i can remember.

i'm tequila mama and i'm fucking loving it!