Friday, March 28, 2008

betrayal & the way i overcome

there's a premiere at a café close to you. soon.

we all live by different rules, follow different moral guidelines. i accept it but still call it a betrayal. it's a good thing i know who i have beside me, behind me.

i ride chaos like a cowboy, spanking its white ass 'till it bleeds. i have too much going for me to give in to breakdowns and tears. i have too much strength in me to just not use it.

when silence speaks louder than words i try to drown what's not said with things not meant. it's childish but it keeps me afloat.

this weekend will be interesting. and i think there's a lyric waiting to be written.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

this is love

i have a new baby. IBM Thinkpad 600E, bought from t, utterly grateful.
it's old, it runs windows 2000, it has almost NO space, and very little memory.
all this doesn't matter right now.
it's small but sturdy. it's got the coolest surface ever.
and basically i just need something to write on, anywhere, anytime.
i need my journeys to east, west, north and south to be filled with words.
thanks to good friends and a little money that's now possible.

i'm full of hope even though budget numbers swamp
any good night's rest.
i believe that it's worth the effort
even though his silence sometimes kills me.

it's a good year. it definitely is.