Saturday, June 06, 2009

things happen

these past few days have been filled with insights. almost too many to handle. i'm gonna write them down and i'm gonna try to take them all in. you do the same.

you have to be open for love in which ever form it's given.

and when things happen, like they always do, don't be afraid to live in the NOW, and then to leave it there. it can be a bubble in time that have no negative effect on the past, the present or the future. carry the insanity of the moment with you as a reminder of living right here and now is a good thing. so, regrets aren't always mistakes. true. but regret is still a negative feeling, very useless in the end. take that bubble and:

keep it somewhere just beyond the borders of reality, some place close enough to insanity to make it pleasurable. regrets never result in progress.

i believe in love. in which ever form. and when you express love, or receive love, in which ever form - don't regret it. appreciate it. acknowledge that you're worth that love.

things happen. they really do. and it's always for the best - if you make it that way.

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