Saturday, December 27, 2008

SMANDEROON - the party!

One more party you need to be at.
Celebrating the movies, the cult, the frenzy!
2.1.2009 - 8 pm @ Novia, Nykarleby.

Special guest appearance by David Oscar Baudouin - return of the guy with three kingly names.
AND a special preview of SMANDEROON! 4K.

FREE ingredients include powdered sugar, liquor and beer for everyone!

Dresscode: 70's - the less the better!
Make-up: The more the merrier!


Thursday, November 20, 2008


Thursday, November 13, 2008


and so i discovered zappa.
when it comes to some things
i'm a real late bloomer.

Monday, November 03, 2008


the album is in the can.
now mixing and mastering will
lead up to the beautiful date 5.12.
oh, sweet release.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

"feedback whore"

another genius expression by me and m from late last night. i don't know when my life became fucked up in a good way. i don't know when i became so aware of my patterns and personality. i don't know when i decided to cave in and refuse to change those patterns, to change my personality. but i'll run with it for as long as i can, run while taking baby steps towards some sort of sanity. oh but don't i love insanity?!

let me share a lyric that got to me on a long ride home from another home:

the fight song - ane brun

I'm gonna fight
this fight
and try to get out of here
and I'm going in with my life
to make sure that you'll disappear

and I will mount you
press my knees on both sides
and you will let me
let me ride

and if you don't then I won't
leave you galloping in my national park
I'll track you down
'cause I know
every corner of this countryside

and I will mount you
press my knees on both sides
and you will let me
let me ride

I'll pull your mane
as hard as I can
stick my fingers in your mouth with my cramped-up hand
until you stop
then I'll try to get off
still I'm hanging in your body parts

even though you are ten Goliats
I'll hold, I'll hold at least your head
and as I rest on my wounded left
I'll kick you randomly in the chest
and I'll show you how ribs can capture air
and leave unbearable pressure

and when you're down
I'll lay beside you
I'll catch the remaining glimmer in your eyes
and then later I'll ask you
as my last and final rescue

now you know
tell me why
and then I'll let you
I'll let you ride

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"i miss the ground in ecstacy"

my happiness is no longer bound to one or two. i see the bigger picture, i know what road i'm on. i love that life's not a destination, but a journey. one i'll be on with you, all of you, for years to come. i plan ahead while living here and now, i'm not doing one thing i don't feel like.

i have a pattern which is more than just bad for me. but i'm working inside and out to make me right. i know what road i'm on. it's beautiful as hell.

thanks hanna for an awesome shoot:

Saturday, October 04, 2008

tequila mama

lafo's first gig this year was held at corner's pub october 1st.
i was there. at least when i wasn't out in my car drinking with punkrockers and drummers and producers and other cool people. everybody rocked, at least as far as i can remember.

i'm tequila mama and i'm fucking loving it!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

funk yeah

i'm networking,
and i'm addicted already.
i'm with people that have ambitions,
heart, soul, creativity and greatness
built right into them.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

ice, ice baby

this morning i scraped ice from my wind shield.
that just ain't right.

and this is sonia baby:

Monday, September 01, 2008

to share or not to share...

... a bed?
... a moment?
... a life?

... a single one line sent late one night to the one person that couldn't handle that one line. or could he? it had something to do with hands.

i have a statement: women are the new men.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


i found a new place to be.
it's a part of life.
i'm glad someone around here
dares to say it.

there will be a party soon,


dicky straws <3

Friday, August 08, 2008


not like this, not like now.
i don't wanna go it alone.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sunday, August 03, 2008

it started off as the safe way out, to get her there,
just for a while to see that we were cold enough to care.

i appreciate those little things of beauty in everything we've seen.
their way of dancing, drinking, licking with no intention to be mean.

but we moved on with the pact to never return.
their pathetic ear licking made all of us burn.

a little bit of red wine in a place where i once grew,
a little bit of chit chat and a stupid fantasy to make come true.

we fucked the beach and the setting sun,
we found new places where things come undone.

lately i've been thinking that life's a fucking mystery.
i've been beaten, used, they tested me.

i will live to tell that drinking when you shouldn't
sometimes is the way to go.
coz if you never try it then i'll never know.


synden straffar sig själv säger hon och skrattar.
men så fucking välbehövligt ändå.
att inte göra som man borde,
utan att göra precis tvärtom.
hickarö, aldrig mer och ändå för alltid.
hästöskatan, med nostalgi och solnedgång.

ja sitten;
mä oon humalassa kokkolassa.

han blev ledsen på ett vackert sätt.
han sa nuet, fem sekunder, resten är ingenting.
vackra, vackra människor.
två nätter i sträck.
i don't deserve this.

Monday, July 28, 2008


i have trouble dealing with things changing. i have trouble dealing with goodbyes.
i have trouble dealing with people, trouble dealing with lies.

now i try to write my anxiety off, try to write it all away.
i try to write myself righteous, i try to write myself to stay.

i fucked the world and it fucked me back.
i loved and grasped for air, had a heart attack.

i was touched but i can't repay what i got, not until you're dead.
i tried to love the world, i even gave it head.

see, things fall to pieces even when they're good.
things go on and away, much like they should.

but i have trouble with things changing, being my own boss.
i have trouble with the things i win, to me they're the future loss.


Friday, July 18, 2008


KL. 14.00


jag inleder snart min sista vecka på tidningen där det ligger skelett av småfåglar på innergården. på tidningen där säkerligen ett par hundar också ligger begravda. men det har varit en bra sommar arbetsmässigt. jag har inte stressat över detta jobb, men dock andra.

jag är ganska sönder, ganska nöjd. jag är fortfarande paradoxal.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

this is no longer my heart.
maybe i'll find a new one in italy.
see you after that.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


someone told me yesternight
that friendships aren't relationships.
i think he should re-think that.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

boys are stupid.

throw rocks at them.

just a place i miss.

i've been working for a week. helping out at the local newspaper which is chaos&total madness right now. when two newspapers decide to come together no one should think it's gonna be easy. ever.

on thursday i'll find out what kind of interesting music classes i can take in the fall. music history, production, styles... it will be awesome.

on saturday my sis' is playing a small acoustic gig at after eight's fabulous bazaar, an artsy fair where artsy people get together. after that i will rush off to vasa where another café is trying to open. there will be a fundraising where we will show a couple of movies made recently. it's exciting even for me, i haven't even seen the finished version of the latest creation!

and theeeen - party time! i feel i have the right to party, and i will do it with the best. nothing can stop me now. i am young!


Sunday, May 04, 2008

"i'm not there"

you should see that movie whether or not you know bob dylan. you should see it whether or not you believe in the power of words or music. poetry, expression, caring about the people. you should see it.

i despise the seventh rule of hiding, even though it's true:

"never create anything. it will be misinterpreted. it will chain you and follow you for the rest of your life, and it will never change."

//"sleep is for dreamers."

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

interesting plot

nine days of shooting and i'm out of breath. partly because i'm tired and it never seemed to end, partly because i'm sad it ended so soon. this is our first production that i really felt went well. the crew was incredibly put together even though the early mornings and late nights wanted to get to us. the cast was a talented one, outgoing, and wonderful. i hope to only work with actors and actresses like these in the future.

teamwork is something i fall so hard for. the rhytm and flow a dozen humans can come up with using cameras, lights and each other. working with t as a cinematographer was difficult at times, like always, but the result of our nagging usually turns out great. i am proud of what we've done.

this is the kind of movie that is made to influence and inspire others to make better movies. this was a parody needed to be made. i am glad i did it with you. all of you.

she said: you must be really great friends.
i shook my head, and smiled. but i guess we are.

with love, peace and film,

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

the two brothers mettler

pierce & reed.
now i miss my brothers from overseas.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

små, små gåvor

jag har ett nytt skrivbord som tydligen genomlevt en del. med på köpet kom ett kort.

Stockholm d. 27/1 -72
Hej Krister!
Tack för kortet från Mariehamns "City"! Vilken storresenär du plötsligt blev. Jag blev väldigt glad också över kort + hälsningar från Helsingfors.
Har ofta tänkt på dig och undrat hur du haft det. Nu hoppas jag - och det vet du nog säkert - att allt skall ordna sig för dig. (Har du skaffat dig en sparbanksbok förresten?...)
Jag har det ungefär som vanligt. Jag har fina kolleger och elever också för all del, men nog blir det påfrestande ofta att alltid anpassa sig efter vuxna elevers barnsliga krav och temperamentsfulla utbrott.
Många hälsningar
från Lola.

[Du är sällsynt!
Du förtjänar en sällsynt trevlig födelsedag också!]

Men tala bara om för mig när den inträffar!

PS. Parentesen får du inte uppfatta som tjat, den kanske verkar dum men är välment. DS."

På kortet finns också aningen malplacerade korta meddelanden som:

"Du har väl skaffat dig vettiga vinterkläder??"


"Tina mår fint och hoppar lika högt - med elegans - som förr."

Jag tror kortet för lycka med sig. Och jag som aldrig tyckt riktigt om katter.


Friday, March 28, 2008

betrayal & the way i overcome

there's a premiere at a café close to you. soon.

we all live by different rules, follow different moral guidelines. i accept it but still call it a betrayal. it's a good thing i know who i have beside me, behind me.

i ride chaos like a cowboy, spanking its white ass 'till it bleeds. i have too much going for me to give in to breakdowns and tears. i have too much strength in me to just not use it.

when silence speaks louder than words i try to drown what's not said with things not meant. it's childish but it keeps me afloat.

this weekend will be interesting. and i think there's a lyric waiting to be written.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

this is love

i have a new baby. IBM Thinkpad 600E, bought from t, utterly grateful.
it's old, it runs windows 2000, it has almost NO space, and very little memory.
all this doesn't matter right now.
it's small but sturdy. it's got the coolest surface ever.
and basically i just need something to write on, anywhere, anytime.
i need my journeys to east, west, north and south to be filled with words.
thanks to good friends and a little money that's now possible.

i'm full of hope even though budget numbers swamp
any good night's rest.
i believe that it's worth the effort
even though his silence sometimes kills me.

it's a good year. it definitely is.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


berlin var en musikal. vi sjöng, kramades, viskades på toaletten, skrattade, drack, njöt, och gick och gick och gick.

jag saknade inte mycket där. jag bara förälskade mig, levde i nuet, såg, kände, föddes om och om igen. jag drack tequila med tyskar som hette moritz. jag sov i vita hotellrum och levde på färgglada ballonger och aluminiumfolie. vi fastnade i varandra, andades på varandra, betydde för varandra.
berlin gav mer tack vare sällskapet. tack till iik, john och tof. värdefullast.

jag förälskade mig i ett borta.

vi förälskade oss i möjligheterna.

vi förälskade oss i galenskap.

i vänskap.

i rivna murar.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

ode to dads


Saturday, February 16, 2008

black bananas

filming is black bananas, not doing the dishes for weeks, drinking energy drinks and wearing dirty clothes. it's also laughing out loud, cutting terrible haircuts, shaving 12 years off someone's face with razors and make up. it's a bittersweet symphony.

i'm off to berlin with loved classmates. a guesstimation is that berlin will be music, photos, drinking and laughing out loud. i am for all those things. see you when i get back.


p.s. in the backwater of disappointment i found relief in loving you.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

live music is better than sex

i'm quite sure i actually think so. imagine a big venue, big enough for personal space, still you feel some of your closest friends pressed up against you. you can feel their every heartbeat, clap and jump. you can see them sing along. imagine a band on stage. they play songs you've had with you for a long time, they play songs you fall in love with just then and there. again take a look at your friends. they're all singing the same words, same as you. and you believe whatever is said on stage, you believe every cell of skin rubbed against yours. you believe every note.

"du är värd att dö för."
"en undran vem som svek vem först."
"jag finns här för dig."
"håll mig hårt min älskling nu."
"dom skulle vilja vara som oss."
"men mot gummi, glas och metall,
betyder ett mirakel inget alls."

"visst känns det som att kärleken väntar."

Sunday, January 27, 2008


things happen sometimes. to people you know. they might end up in a hospital, or in a new lover's bed.

i have to learn how to deal with all these things outside myself. these things barging into me, without notice. dealing with me being separated from these people and these things. dealing with me being too close.

i have a hard time.

and i am back in virtuality after months in a bigger place. back in the small, back in the cosy. back for how long? i have too many issues, let me get out of your hair.

Monday, January 14, 2008


a new year with new expectations. so much turn out to nothing. it's a part of life. you can guess what turned out to nothing of the things i mentioned last time i wrote.

but i sing along to damien rice and keep myself from doing the dishes for as long as i can. i spend time with the best of the best and i sleep like a baby when he's close. i plan for recording sessiones and photo sessions and nostalgia sessions.

he takes a long bath and i'm close. i scrub his back and know that if there is something i'm supposed to do it is just that. keeping him clean. keeping him loved.