Tuesday, February 27, 2007

don't break just because i'm broken

wow, another amazing weekend recording my sister's ep. this time we had our friend joni on acoustic guitar, but we also made some plans on totally re-recording the piano songs on a real grand. joni's tight playing resulted in the song we had had least feelings for becoming our favourite. don't break just because i'm broken is also one of my favourite lyrics to this day. anna is proud of her singing and i'm sure proud of my lyrics. i have something to say. will you listen?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

fractions EP

it is finally off the ground, the first recordings were made last saturday and sunday with my sister in the studio. we're feeling the music, breathing it. <3

it's a good week. a great week. today i met up with an old friend and singer discussing one of my songs that she will record on friday. i felt like a real songwriter, as well as we shared past and present. memories of the warmth in freezing together that rainy summer night. <3

i hugged one of my best friends goodbye today. he'll be out of town for over a week, so me and B will more or less live in his place/the studio for the time being, taking care of the cats. our little family is the best thing i have. <3

the pic is from the recording sessions. //alex.