Tuesday, April 29, 2008

interesting plot

nine days of shooting and i'm out of breath. partly because i'm tired and it never seemed to end, partly because i'm sad it ended so soon. this is our first production that i really felt went well. the crew was incredibly put together even though the early mornings and late nights wanted to get to us. the cast was a talented one, outgoing, and wonderful. i hope to only work with actors and actresses like these in the future.

teamwork is something i fall so hard for. the rhytm and flow a dozen humans can come up with using cameras, lights and each other. working with t as a cinematographer was difficult at times, like always, but the result of our nagging usually turns out great. i am proud of what we've done.

this is the kind of movie that is made to influence and inspire others to make better movies. this was a parody needed to be made. i am glad i did it with you. all of you.

she said: you must be really great friends.
i shook my head, and smiled. but i guess we are.

with love, peace and film,

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