Friday, January 26, 2007


phonic adventures of all that's unexplored. fractions of something never heard of before.

i am so lucky i have my sister anna. the greatest gift ever is to have someone understanding my words and wanting to sing them, tell the world - all of this she gives me. my words have never been so at home.

we've found each other just this past year, and i'm so thankful. who could have guessed she'd turn out to be the amazing singer and musician that she is, and even willing to work with me. we share so much and i do believe i can give her something i never had at her age. wanting to be different, to make a difference is not easy where we come from. but i always tried to do it anyway, and i continue to, and so will she, with my support.

be on a look out for her EP. it's fractions of something never heard of before. expect no less.

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