Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the second, in a second

i have to edit this blog.
changes, for the better,
through words and tears.

i was confused, and i still don't know.
i tried to explain.
at first none of us wanted to understand.
and it seemed impossible.
but we've accepted what we don't know.
salvation. in some form.

i hated you when you said i don't try.
i loved you when you took it back.
we said too much we didn't mean.
we know each other too well.
well enough to hurt on purpose.
now we try not to.

i didn't know one could love like this.
please, walk away from this more whole,
don't break just because i'm broken.
do you know how many times you've saved me?

they don't have to understand,
as long as you do.
what they think is there
really is not.
i just love you with all i've got.

//2oo7, here we come, stronger than ever!

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