Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Univocal Music has got an intern this week. That's awesome because it means I get work done too. Recording, PR, Photoshopping and much more. Very good indeed. The intern happens to be good at what she does, and an amazing singer too. This is a good week.

But again I'm facing a lot of big questions. I'm re-questioning everything once more. What is life, love and all the things, light and dark, that occur during the experience of both? A tingle in any part of the body as the bed grows warmer with company? An answer to a question never uttered? A statement made during one of those countless MSN-conversations? A smile?

Maybe the tingle speaks the loudest. Now I want to finish what was started, so I can miss it tomorrow. Re-experience it in my mind. Re-question nothing as answers settle calmly in between my sheets.

Tingle me, tingle you, tingle us together.

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