Monday, October 05, 2009

Opus Symbiosis

One day the other week I found an old collection of poems. I was shocked at how much I actually had forgot about my life and my thoughts five years ago. There was so much nostalgia just reading the poems, then seeing Opus Symbiosis live at Doo-Bop Club in Vasa on Friday was the ultimate flashback for me. Lots of those poems told the story of my days with the band, hanging out in their rehearsal space, hanging out with them anywhere, writing and performing the hit song "alex rocks"... Being their first and true fan.

They still rock in general, and they still rock my world. There's something in the knowledge that I supported V in his lyricwriting, that I've been singing along to those songs all these years, that I've seen them grow the way I have - as people and as a band.

Opus still has a piece of my heart <3

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