Sunday, May 17, 2009

nostalgia, the known and the unknown

i am reading words and sentences that made sense way back. some of them still hold up. the don't touch me:s and the let go:s. some things come back from time to time while some never disappear. some are lost forever. for better or for worse.

whatever's new in my life seems easier to handle than before, when everything was a roller coaster and i had no safety belt on. i seem more prepared and at the same time i care less. it's not that i don't feel anything - oh, i feel plenty. it's just that there's a different kind of up-side to everything. and if there's not, i make one up.

there are some butterflies and some pink exclamation marks. and the left side of my brain can't get the best of me. not anymore. i am proud, i am brave, i am stupid. i like this me better.

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