Tuesday, October 17, 2006

sitt med mig när jag visar brösten

this has been such a good day. i've been painting and i actually love the result. maybe not so much because of the technique, the colours or existing or unexisting talent - but because of the feeling. the title is the title. i understand it, and so do you. that's enough.

i feel creative, and i feel appreciated for my work. yesterday i was asked to write a lyric, and i did it last night. today i got a short but sweet message: "dear alex! you're a genious!" lovely. i hope it's on the record later.

i also was asked to write something pro bono for my hometown's yearly magazine. it feels like a good thing to do. and i am a good girl, more or less.

and he said he was proud. i wouldn't settle for less.

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