Thursday, January 28, 2010



now i have truly felt how it can hurt to love someone this much. i have also, finally, seen how beautiful that feeling is. not to know what to do, where to turn to, how to manage a feeling so strong that it breaks every boundary of the mind. it's a truly spiritual phenomenon. it took me 23 years and finally i know how i should live my life. even though it's hard sometimes, this is how much i have to feel and love to be one with everything around me. to love myself. i'm so humbled by the fact that someone taught me to teach myself how to truly trust that i am worthy. i owe that man everything.

i'm truly blessed to have had the chance to look into someone's eyes and see that i am truly beautiful and lovable. i hope that same someone can look into my eyes sometime soon and see just how amazing he is. i'm ready to give everything back, and fill us both to the point where we are overflowed by oneness and love.

i get what i deserve. and so do you.
the universe will hear me. the universe will see me.
and the universe will send all this love to him
whether or not i am there in physical form
to share his love for himself.

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