Friday, August 21, 2009

part of the dream

i've said many times these past few months that i'm living part of the dream. my dream. they say hope is the last thing that leaves the body. i guess dreams go right before that. plans you can toss out at any time. but dreams, man. hope. can't live without either of them.

i'm living part of my dream. maybe i'm even living THE dream. i have my own record label. i write my music together with awesome sister. my thoughts and feelings get heard. i have friends, and i get to be one. i'm always right by my friends when things go good or bad. they're beside me.
i'm with the band. THE band. i'm not in it, but i'm with it. i do whatever i can for them, practical things, and i won't ever fail as their groupie or friend. everyone needs someone to talk to outside the bubble, i'm that someone. i'm happy to be that someone.

i feel loved. sometimes more, sometimes less. but always, anyhow. i feel appreciated for my work, and for being there. sometimes more, sometimes less. but always. i could live without my friends. they could live without me, no doubt. but it would be both our losses. this is THE DREAM. i'm honoured to have these people be part of it.

i really do have a lot of love. i know just where to put it.


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