Wednesday, April 04, 2007


for some reason i've never really liked sweden. at least not when i was younger. i guess i didn't see what others saw, i don't to this day. but lately i've found music that has turned me over, i've found futures that could turn me over even more. a fall with notes and cables. for a while, with b & t maybe, later on. and now i'm off to sweden for this easter-weekend. my family and my gradma' are visiting my uncle in kristianstad - and i can't wait. for real. just getting away, getting a chance to breathe. i'm gonna love every second of it. but imma miss u, both of u.

when i get back. //a.

p.s. i'm now writing on sonja bishop's new album and though it's not my style, or my own little creation i feel inspired. this is what i'll do for a living someday, in some form. and i'm loving it.

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