Thursday, August 24, 2006

who needs forever?

you love me now.

i can't talk about it, so i won't. the point is that i'd hide her under my bed if i had to. the point is you thanked god for my existence, for me being in your life. the point is that you're my best friend and i'd do anything for you.

it's true that love changes a person, and then it doesn't matter if it's friendship or true love. i was surprised of my own reaction when you told me everything today - and i'm happy the way i turned out, because of you. i was happy for you. truly, truly happy. this is what i always wanted for you, i know that now. i know you love me as much anyway, i know where you stand, who you are, what i am to you and vice versa. this is what i always wanted for you, so i'd do anything to make it all work out. don't be afraid to ask for that help, my friend.

ta ha loqken.

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